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    Question Bold Calendar Issues


    I have two calendar options on my device. I have my bb email as a calendar option AND my work email (BIS/Groupwise). As you know, each calendar is highlighted by a color. My groupwise/work email is set as my default calendar; however, I recently noticed that I now have a third option entitled "device default" and is designated by an additional color.

    This has caused some problems on my Bold calendar. The third calendar option that I recently noticed (device default) calendar is "hijacking" my appointments listed under my work (BIS/Groupwise) calendar even though my work email is listed as my default calendar under default services.

    Any idea on how to delete this calendar? It is not listed under Options>Advanced>Default Services.

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    The best way to fix that I've found is to delete service books (CICAL), resend them, and reboot. Make sure you're ok with deleting the calendar, I.E. can re-synch from an outside source. I would say make a backup of the calendars and restore it, but that might restore this ghost calendar too.

    Normally when I see that default calendar show up, its because whatever calendar *was* the default got deleted, say, if the Facebook calendar snagged default status and I removed the app.

    Hopefully this gives you a starting point to play around with, though I find it takes a bit of finesse to get everything just right.... easily one of the most frustrating parts of an OS upgrade for me.

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