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Where can I find OS .210 for the bold.... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Where can I find OS .210 for the bold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberlee View Post
    I have a dumb question: How do you completey shut down apps. Can someone tell me step by step.

    Use app switcher to see what's open, select it, menu, exit. Keep in mind some (browser, messages, phone, bbm) will always be running.
    ~via smartphone

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    I have noticed the battery drain on my Bold as well since switching from a Curve. With all of th new aps that are available I think leaving them running has been my issue.

    jfcooley's comment about the app switcher is a good one to check what is running that you may have forgotten about.

    I did get the spare battery charger bundle from which has been nice after extra busy days. I also set my phone to automatically turn off at midnight and turn back on at 5am. That has helped as well.

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    I have noticed improved performance with the new OS. Better than the 4.6 updates. I hope it will be even better as it goes along...

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