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Okay, got a new bold for my 50th bday. Had the 8800 before which I ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question Bold Activation Problem


    Okay, got a new bold for my 50th bday. Had the 8800 before which I liked except for slow, slow internet. First Bold I recieved the trackball would not track upwards without great difficulty. So, I ordered a new one with ATT. Got the new one today, put the battery in, closed the lid, and the activation process started. Realized I forgot to move my SIM card from the old unit to the new (which the new Bold told me right away) so I terminated setup, transferred old SIM card to new Bold, plopped in the battery, closed the lid, and NOTHING. Charged the battery up long enough for a full charge, put it back in, nothing again. No juice, nothing. NADA zip.

    At a loss...tried putting the old battery (fully charged) from my first Bold into the new Bold, close the lid and NADA. Nothing. It doesn't seem to be a battery problem as my old battery works just fine in the first Bold. Won't work in the replacement.

    Any ideas or did I get my second dud Bold from ATT in a week?

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    Possible. new phone, return it. Too much of a hassle? Try connecting to DM don't load anything, or try a back up or something simple. DM may wake up ur bb. Nothing? Try factory reset with jl cmdr. Nothing? Ok 2 options 1:"wipe" with jl (I know. Its a new phone and you shouldn't have to. See option 2) and reinstall os. 2: return to sender.~via BB (
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