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This developed into a fine post - learned from it and it was positive all ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    This developed into a fine post - learned from it and it was positive all the way...great going, and thanks again. pdxmatts you can close this specific thread, but perhaps reopen it somewhere else, to continue with the great information that all are willing to contribute.
    Cheers guys.

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    Sirthinks - Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darryl71 View Post
    Snipes, any improvements or comments on this OS? I am still holding off as .214 has been SOLID for me.

    I have to say it's been great for me. I can only comment on the improvement of .228 over .219, one of which is obviously the start up time. Other than that, as .219 was solid for me apart from the start up time, so is .228. No complaints whatsoever. Of course the voice mail quirk thing is there, but it's more of a lack of enabling by AT&T than a bug.

    But I say go ahead and try the upgrade, if it doesn't work for you, downgrading is always an option.
    I have a BlackBerry and a WhiteApple. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxmatts View Post
    Roger, this is an excellent post. Good for people to know.
    Thank you, ma'am!

    Just so people know, I created a new How-to thread on this for people to reference. This isn't the first post of it's sort and I'm sure it won't be the last!

    The link to it is in the FAQ link in my sig.

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    Good Try
    well just to let everyone know...To everyone who was wondering, the new OS for the blackberry Bold is a good one, so far all i've seen it do, was correct the tiny problem that i was having, and maybe some of you were having the same problem-using the media player, for whatever reason the volume, would get lower with every track, meaning every time a new track played, the volume would get lower, but since the upgrade it been perfect... hope this little find helps everyone out...

    This is about the newest OS upgrade for the BB Bold...4.6.0234..
    which i got from

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoGro View Post

    Sounds like when you installed DM you checked the box to automatically check for updates. Try this:

    1. Go into the Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs (Programs and Features if you're running Vista).
    2. When you click on BlackBerry Desktop Software you should see an option at the top of the screen to Uninstall/Change. Click on that.
    3. Once the InstallShield Wizard comes up, click Next.
    4. Select the button to Modify the installation and click Next.
    5. The Custom Setup screen comes up here, so just click Next.
    6. Make sure the correct Integration Option is selected (personal e-mail if you're using BIS, work e-mail if you're on BES) then click Next.
    7. The next screen is the one where you can turn off the Auto Update feature by unchecking the box that says Check for Software Updates. Uncheck that, then click on Install.

    That should end your problem!

    I just came across this post - very nice RoGro, very informative.

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