BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express was new to us, but we could immediately see the attraction. Lots of employees want to use their own personal phones for work purposes, but traditionally we’ve been quite restrictive in allowing them to do so.
It took us a fair while to install the software, but once it was up and running it didn’t take long to get to grips with it. Confiiguring settings and distributing apps to one or many users was a breeze and most IT admins will immediately be able to find their way around the clean and straightforward web interface.
For a company of our size, it provided just about the right level of control over users’ smartphones. You can’t go wrong with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express – it allowed us to provide secure mobile access to many more employees, and didn’t cost a penny.
It’s a clever way for BlackBerry to offer support for its phones without the overheads of a managed service.