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Firstly my old blackberry curve 8520 screen has just gone white and no matter what ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question Blackberry curve 8520


    Firstly my old blackberry curve 8520 screen has just gone white and no matter what I do it doesn't change, what can I do to fix my blackberry curve 8520?
    And my other blackberry, bold 9700 has an application error 205 that keeps on showing the error message despite my clicking on the reset button, what can I do to resolve this problem?

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    First, on your 8520, have you done the battery pull? With the device powered ON, remove the battery for a few minutes, then replace it.

    As for the 9700, you can try a fresh OS install. Use the following instructions:

    Download an app to your PC called BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife). You will use this to wipe the OS from your device. You can get it here:

    Download the most current OS for your device, which you can get here.

    Connect your device to your PC and launch BBSAK. It will ask you for a password. If you don't have one set for your device, just click OK.

    Choose the option to Wipe Device. When completed, you will be left with a white screen and an app error 507, which means the wipe was successful.

    Disconnect your device.

    On your PC, navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader. Delete the file at the bottom called vendor.xml.

    Connect your device.

    In that same folder as above, there's an executable file called Loader (has a little phone next to it). Double click on that and it will start loading your OS.

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