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Hi guys! so for my next video, I'v decided to see how my battery life ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    blackberry bold battery under pressure, how will it perform?!


    Hi guys!

    so for my next video, I'v decided to see how my battery life performs under pressure...

    i consider myself a hard power user, 100 or so emails daily, my main mp3 player, bluetooth connected, 20-50 sms daily and around 2-3 hours calls through out the day. Not to mention the tons of 3rd party applications.

    my video is finally here, what you guys think?!

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    just ask
    I'm very surprised how long its lasted. Myself, when I had a Bold I found myself charging it by 5 or 6pm with a full day of usage. I usually don't go to bed until around 12-1am and I charge it again during that time for usage again during the day. I noticed what kills me the most was the phone calls it drained quite a bit of power and being connected to the BES server and receiving quite a few emails on a daily basis. One thing that did make a difference for me was I stopped using the vibrate mode in profile settings and switched it to phone only.

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    Im on mine all day. It does drain rather quickly, so Ive taken a spare charger to work with me and let in charge 15-20 minutes twice a day and at the end of the day Im still at 80%. I guess I need to invest in an extended battery.

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    mine can last up to 2 days. im experiencing very good usage from it. I text all day, surf the web now and then and it lasts well for me. i use the case that came along with it and it does help rather lot because of the magnetic strip that helps save battery. But i also leave it out the carrying case too.

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    My battery would go from 100% at 6am - 15% by 12pm. I also carry a spare charger to work to keep me running. I updated to .237 last night and so far battery life is way better from day one. It's my day off. I used my phone way more today than when I am at work. So from 830a - 400p I am currently at 70%. This OS seems to be a real keeper.
    ~via smartphone

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    Ok I swear to beans... .237 is my last voluntary upgrade until the official OS is dropped by AT&T...

    I think...
    I have a BlackBerry and a WhiteApple. :)

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    i run mine at about 12 lbs of boost, and it lasts more than a day... pretty good imho

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    I run mine all day, and while I'm not a heavy power user, I work in a very low reception area. I leave the phone turned on in standby mode all day and when I do use it I have the screen brightness maxed out (I know it kills the battery, but it just looks to damn sexy). Whether I'm at home or not I leave 3G and Wifi enabled and after charging overnight I find myself still with over a 50% charge left by about midnight.

    I love this never leaves my side and (more importantly) has never let me down.

    ~via Blackberry Bold (
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    I don't have a Bold but I can vouch for the upgraded OS and extended battery combination.

    I upgraded my 8120 to OS and reinserted my 1250mAh extended battery 2 days ago, and after 6 hours each day, only lose 20% power. I would normally be looking for a charger after 6 hours with previous OS versions and the 900mAh battery that came with the phone. This is with between 2-5 signal reception bars.

    I use my phone for email, web, texting, chatting, games and a few calls. I also have WiFi and BlueTooth off, backlight at 10% and 10 seconds, Auto On/Off set to go off at 4 AM and on at 5 AM.
    This weekend I'm gonna go past the 6 hour usage mark and see what happens.
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