I dropped my BB in the water on the street after it rained for a brief moment. Picked it right up and immediately took the battery out and tried to dry it out. I received a JVM 517 error within a few hours. I could not connect to the PC in order to back up. I read posts her and went to T-Mobile, downloaded the new OS. It finally connected throughout the late hours last night. I tried to do a back up then. It backed up my pictures and videos but no emails, text mesages, or address book. When I try to synchronize with the desk to manager it tells me it has not been configured to get the organizer. It click on configure and it just errors. There is an agreement popping up on the phone now that I cannot get to to accept since the trackpad will not work. How can I get the trackpad to work? I desparately need my contacts since I am a realtor and depend on the greatly. PLEASE HELP!!!