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The Boy Genius Report is setting the record straight: Enough with the speculation, the rumors, ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    BlackBerry 9000 - Internal Spec Sheet Gallery...


    The Boy Genius Report is setting the record straight:

    Enough with the speculation, the rumors, the spokespersons commenting on our blogging abilities — we’re setting it all straight right here with this internal RIM doc we just got a hold of.

    You might be thinking that cover page above is the best part — it is pretty sexy isn’t it — well, it’s not. We’ve got the rundown on everything from language support, to themes, to the redone media appplications. We’re talking the browser, the setup wizard, Wi-Fi, streaming video, and anything else you could want. The latest release date we’re hearing is actually July now (go figure), and that RIM is working on those power problems with the quickness. As we’ve been told, the newer builds are definitely better but not quite there yet. We’ve got a good idea of when it’s going to be announced, but we’ll keep that one to ourselves for now. You know you want to jump over to our gallery!

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    Funny I was just reading that.... interesting none the less...

    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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    Can't wait for it to come out

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    I still wonder if it will be multi-band HSDPA/UMTS. It would be very nice to have a device that works the world over, something the Nokia N95 & even the HTC TYTN II lack (N95 is either US or int'l-only; TYTN II is without the new AWS band).

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