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I use wifi on my 8220 Pearl without a sim card in it I have ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    I use wifi on my 8220 Pearl without a sim card in it I have my browser configured to Hotspot Browser and Network settings to wifi only. I can browse the web and use apps that support wifi, like Pandora, Pinstack, Socialscope, Berryweather etc.. Wifi is my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricaJ1073 View Post
    The only apps that worked were Opera Mini and the BB browser. Nothing else worked.
    Some apps don't support a wi-fi connection and simply won't work. I know almost every one on my device is able to use my wi-fi connection, but I do have a few that are BIS/BES only.
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    When I first started this thread, I could not connect to the internet by using the Blackberry or Hot Spot browser over Wi-Fi while the SIM card was inserted into the device. I could connect with Opera Mini, but not with the BB browser. However, since then I have discovered that I can connect with the BlackBerry browser thru Wi-Fi even with the SIM installed and the phone logged in to the Tmo network. I don't know if I just didn't understand what I was doing at the time, or if my recent OS upgrade changed things . . .

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    Shouldn't have made a difference what OS you used but who knows? As I think I've said previously, I've done it (wi-fi connection only) for quite some time with my 8120 (no data plan) and never even thought about removing the SIM. Glad you got it working tho - having to remove the SIM to do it would be lots of xtra trouble.
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