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Hi I have been experiencing a really infuriating problem with BBM on my 9700. I ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    BBMessenger Hangs and lost menu



    I have been experiencing a really infuriating problem with BBM on my 9700.

    I tend to be able to send one message to someone, but then i cannot carry on the conversation.
    The screen allows me to type in the reply box at the bottom, but I cannot actually send the message and I cannot get the menu up to select any other choice.
    This also means that I cannot end the chat or close the application!

    I have deleted all my 3rd party apps, done so many battery pulls I have lost count, set the phone back to the theme and wallpaper it came with and still cannot seem to solve this one.

    I have today downgraded my BBM back to version, which has so far been more stable, but everytime I use it I get a notification asking me to upgrade again.

    Does anyone know if this is a known issue or have any ideas?


    Specs - BB9700, Orange-UK, v5.0.0.423 (platform
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    All I know is BBM has been a total PIA on both the 9000 & 9700 I just unloaded. Poor RIM, it's all slipping away. Never thought I'd see them do such a bad job.
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    After the update a week ago, I had nothing but problems. I wasn't getting alerts, the Messenger messages were being threaded into the person's text messages and there was not any icon at all (no bubble, envelope...) by their message in the inbox. I un-installed Messenger and then re-installed the previous version, but still had the issues. I gave up...don't use Messenger much anyway and it wasn't worth the trouble. I dumped it.
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