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My BB Bold is getting email and text messages like my pearl and curve did, ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question BB Bold Email format sucks


    My BB Bold is getting email and text messages like my pearl and curve did, except the message in my inbox is useless. Where as on my pearl/curve the SMS inbox message lets me read my emails, on the bold I am getting messages like this:

    Header: 3020
    Mobile EmailOZMAIL
    CI=1cc2497f5e353ccf4649d192767fe250 MC=1.

    Not only is this message useless, the duplication of a valid email into my SMS folder is irritating. How can I either stop these messages from coming, or have them readable like on a pearl or curve?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.


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    That's wierd indeed. To begin with, please check mailbox, menu, general options, email and sms 'separate'. Then go to your service book (options, advanced options), delete your email account and send the service book to your device. If that doesn't help, use desktop, go to your bb account, delete your email account, set it up again, and send your service book. If that also doesn't help, get hold of your provider.
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    Try a battery pull also. Hopefully it's just a little clitch in the system.
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    When you set up your email did you set it professional or personal? Delete the emails accounts and run set up wizard again and be sure to use the personal option unless of course you are setting up business emails.
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