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My wife has a bold and I went ahead to recharge it overnight, but instead ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    BB Bold does not turn on, please help


    My wife has a bold and I went ahead to recharge it overnight, but instead of getting the normal light green flashing led, I got first a red non lit and then the picture shown on the display, what does that mean?

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    Did you remove the battery for at least 30 seconds and then place it back into her BOLD. Try it if you haven't already.
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    Your Bold is completely dead, was it dead when you put it on the charger? If so, just let it charge. It'll come back on. I put mine on the charger one night and the PC wasn't plugged in so no charge. I woke up @ 5:30 in the morning to find that my Bold wouldn't turn on. I was freaking out as it is my lifeline.(Sad huh). Pulled the battery twice, nothing, so I just left it on the charger for about 30 mins and it powered back up. I didn't even have the battery sign you do until about 15 minutes of charging. All will be well again in the land of BOLD, just give it a min. Peace
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    It can also mean a charging or battery problem. If the battery charger does not do it try your USB on your computer.
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