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~via BB ( I can't wait for the flip BB aka kickstart to release. This ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    ~via BB ( I can't wait for the flip BB aka kickstart to release. This will be a phone for when I don't want to carry the candybar phone. I've already started saving for it. Just waiting for my $50 rebate to come from TMobile from my 8120.

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    The kickstart will probably bring a lot of people to be RIM supporters and users but the phone just has a weird look to me, somethning about a clam-shell bb still just doesn't sit right with me. Oh well, there will always be people to complain about things like this, I just can't wait to see what RIM still has up there sleeves that'll be unveiled in the next 2 to 3 years, I'm gonna be saving from here on in to buy the newest bb available in 2 years...whatever it may be, and I guess a bold-pearl is a bit of wishfull thinking on my behalf.~via BB (

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