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I digress.... I have a Bold with a Blackberry Enterprise plan on AT&T. I've had ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Thumbs down AT&T Bold with BlackBerry Enterprise and Cellular Video


    I digress....

    I have a Bold with a Blackberry Enterprise plan on AT&T. I've had my Bold now for about 7 months and only the other day decided to check out the Cellular Video feature.

    Doing so launched the WAP browser and give me a choice of things to view. So I click on the ESPN video and I get the message: "To watch video clips, you must sign up for an unlimited Data Plan. Click "Pick your package" below."

    Funny, isn't Blackberry Enterprise an unlimited plan? So I call the friendly folks over at AT&T customer care. The person I got says, yes it is your plan is unlimited, let me do some research. I'm on hold for about 2 or 3 minutes and then he comes back on saying that because I have a Blackberry Enterprise plan, I don't have access to Cellular Video.

    I'm confused, does Blackberry standard have access. He tells me yes. So now I'm more confused. Isn't Blackberry Enterprise everything Blackberry Standard is plus the ability to connect to a BES server? He says yes. But not Cellular Video.

    So let me get this straight, I have a more expensive plan that has everything the Blackberry Standard has plus the ability to access the BES, but not cellular video. He says correct and if you want to access cellular video, it would be another 10 bucks. Totalling $55 for data services.

    Needless to say, I hung up very upset and still don't have Cellular Video. It's amazing to me that this company is still in operation because it's run but a bunch of morons.

    Thank you...I needed to vent!

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    I had exactly the same situation but I called
    ATT and after various minutes over the phone
    they made a change and it was fixed without
    extra cost. You should call back and insist.
    ~via smartphone

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    I called a couple of months ago and it was $15. But I think the whole thing is even worse because it is not just the Exchange Server connection you get. ALL of your wireless data goes through your corporate connection and most corporate configurations block access to stuff for security and to keep data rates low. So while AT&T is only blocking Cellular Video, there can be lots of things your company blocks. In the end, you pay more to get less, but with Exchange.

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