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Hey guys, Well I recently had a old bold that completely died on me yesteday ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Hey guys,
    Well I recently had a old bold that completely died on me yesteday that said "app error". I did so many batt. pulls and nothing works. Well I got a replacement Bold from the ATT warranty department yesterday. Well I did a back up from my old bold and now my new bold say App error again everyother time I restart my phone. What should I do guys? I dont understand whats going on. I only have a facebook App, a grey goose theme, and 2 email accounts. I dont know whats going on with my bolds that I have had and have now. I dont want to start from stratch and add every contact in my phone if I go through warranty again. I'm trying to work around this. Thanks

    - Ella

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    DL JL_Cmder, do a wipe and reinstall to os again

    ~via smartphone

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    Remove grey goose, do some battery pulls, if error still exist remove facebook, and try again see if error goes away.

    also try some restarts without your memory card in.

    If nothing else works, you may have a corrupt backup, you could use google sync to save callendar and contacts. Then do a wipe and reinstall without doing a backup phase and use google synce to get your contacts and callendar back.

    goto install google sync, Run the sync, this will save them online (if you dont have a google account or gmail email, get one..

    Then run the process on your new or wiped phone, later on
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