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Originally Posted by reddrvgon So wayyyy off topic... Lol... I'm using the oem sleeve that ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddrvgon View Post
    So wayyyy off topic... Lol...

    I'm using the oem sleeve that came with my bold and already the chrome bezel on the front is disappearing... (Only 5 months in)...
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    Mine started showing wear after a month. I bought one of the clear skins to stop that. Also been toying with the idea of getting a Seidio hard case and holster.
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    I have the 3500ma Seidio battery. I can get at least 2 days heavy use from a charge. Personally I carry mine in a Nite Ize nylon holster. After using this brand holster on several phones I have yet to have a phone damaged or "fly across the room".
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    When I had my Bold I used the leather holster that comes with the 8800 series phones. It seems to fit a bit snugger and not as bulky as the factory holster that comes with the Bold.

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    Ok so I opted for the 3500 instead. Found a case from same manufacturer. Seido back cover fits pretty well. Not as good as factory but better than I hoped for. Seems like the bottom clip is struggling to keep the cover on but the small pce of foam snugging the battery in place is prolly the culprit and will squish in time. I'm sure first drop test will reveal the cover flying off. Gonna give it a solid 10 hours charge and run full bore to see if it does what is advertised. As a side note the new case is a side holster type and kinda hard to get phone in and out of it. Definitely not as ez as ? case that came with phone.
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