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Has anyone ever seen where on a 9700 when you receive a call you only ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question Address Book on 9700 Bold


    Has anyone ever seen where on a 9700 when you receive a call you only get the inbound number and no name? And the inbound caller is setup in your BB address book?

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    Make sure there are no duplicate contacts. I hope I didn't just suggest something you've already tried. Let us know.

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    also make sure if they are different area codes, you didnt enter them as only seeing the main area code in your area. Ive done that before
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    With Blackberrys in general, this could be caused by a few issues. Most frequently (in my experience) it is because the phone numbers don't match - your contact is calling you from 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx and you have it in your contacts as xxx-xxx-xxxx (without the 1). On some OS's that I remember that are older than 4.1, if there are multiple phone numbers assigned to a contact it will just display the calling number and not the name. Another possibility is if you use dashes in the number: I changed my contact's numbers from 1xxxxxxxxxx to 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx (simply to make the numbers more readable for myself) and the names of callers stopped displaying. This happened on an 8700g with 4.2. There's probably more little quircky twists that can cause this, too . . . such is the world of BlackBerry!!

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    I had to remove all "(", ")", "-" and spaces. I believe this is a bug with some of the early OS 5.0 versions on the 9700... and a few other devices... not sure what devices or which OS versions, but this fix did work for me not too long ago.

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