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Here is the story. I was adding a new personal email to my BB email ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Added a new email and accidentally selected to synchronize=problem...


    Here is the story. I was adding a new personal email to my BB email manager, and accidentally selected to "synchronize" my contacts with the new email account. I did not want this and since this happened I now have about 30 blank contacts in my contacts folder on my handheld. I since have unselected the synchronize button, deleted the email from my handheld, pulled the battery and SIM card for several minutes and nothing seems to fix the blanks in my contacts folder. I went into contact options and noticed that the email is still in my contact lists, so how can I delete it from here???

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    Are you syncing with Outlook contacts? Sounds like when you added the new e-mail address, the default e-mail address changed on your device. Nothing wrong with the additional e-mail you added......just need to make sure the default address on the device is the same as what you're syncing with on the PC/laptop.

    You should be able to clear out the contacts on your device with Desktop Manager, then make sure your defaults are set correctly on the device and do a one-way sync from the PC/laptop to the device to restore the contacts.

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    I agree with RogerG... you should use Desktop Manager (DM) to clear the Contacts database... hopefully you have a recent backup file... open DM > Backup/Restore > Advanced > select the Contacts database on the right side of the screen, push the Clear button... then on the left side of the screen load the backup file, select the Contacts database from the list and restore just that database... after it's done disconnect your device.

    Do a Battery Pull: Leave your device on, pull the battery out for 20 seconds, put the battery back in and wait for your device to boot up.

    Then check things out.

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