Ok. So here is my review of the Bold 9700. Great phone, best one RIM has put out to date in my opinion. Better than the 9000, I say yes. Its size, although when I first saw it is was use to the size of the 9k and didn't mind it. Then I thought, I don't really want to give up that size now for a smaller phone that's supposed to be an upgrade to what I have. Well, after using it for two days that thought was gone. I love the size, the keyboard is fantastic, just as good as the 9k, not as much room but I can type just as fast on both devices. The size of the 9700 is nice, it allowed me to slip it in my pocket and forget that it was there. The 9k is not like this, you know its there. That's not a bad thing just my preference. Build quality, I think the design of the 9700 battery cover gives it an edge in this department. No more loose battery doors, creaky keyboards and such. The 9000 is a beast, I've put mine through more in the last year than most people would if they kept it for 3 years. It just plain holds up, the 9700 I didn't get a chance to test it that far and I'll explain in a minute. Screen- yes the 9k is bigger, yes the 97k has better resolution, to be honest I can't tell a difference, on to the track pad, this has got to be the single most important update that is on the device. It is so much better than the track ball in every regard. OS- since this was designed for 5.0 it should be better, I've run just about every OS on the 9k and now on .411. The 9700 came with .330 and I left it at .415. Great OS, performs exactly as it should. It my opinion it is a worthy replacement of the 9000. Now, having said all that, I SOLD THE 9700 and a 9000 as a package. Why you might ask, simply this. As much as love BB, they have fallen behind. They make great devices and make plenty of them to just about give everybody something they want. The problem is, they seem to be standing still in every department, I for one think that they have gotten so arrogant that they have lost what it means to be BB, which used to be cutting edge and on the forefront of technology. Not any more, apple has come along and they make a killer device, it just like BB does everything well and something great, but here's the difference between the two, apple will continue to innovate because they know that RIM is not their main competition anymore, its the google system itself. RIM has done exactly what they didn't need to do. They are doing what the big three manufactures in the auto industry did in the 70s, they continued to make cars the same way they had been doing for 40 years, while the Japanese came in and looked to change they way people looked at the market while the big three sat on their throne way up high and snubbed their noses at the new comers. This it what RIM is doing now and if they don't change with the next device and come out with something new then they are headed down a long and hard road. Me, I'm going to android, I still use my last and original 9000 on tmobile and my iphone on att, but when the nexus arrives it will be a happy and sad day, I'll be moving on and saying goodbye to a great device but has grown outdated. As much as I love BB and have defended them from the attacks of other smartphone users it is time part ways, you have been good to me BB but your lack of innovation and your arrogance in giving us a product that works but we have to tweak it from day one has caused me to go over to android. If you look at the forums sections here on pinstack, notice that in the iphone section and android section the questions are more along the lines of how do I do this, what app am I looking for, can I do this, and so on. The majority of questions in the BB forums are , help, BB not working,bis down, can't connect, so on and so on. Just take a step back and look, great devices but not for me and many others anymore. So that's my review and blog I guess,lol, sorry for the long post but to those who got to the end, thanks for the time.