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can anyone answer this, I recently flew Delta/NWA from Minneapolis to Columbus, I had the ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    9700 Useage on Commercial Aircraft


    can anyone answer this, I recently flew Delta/NWA from Minneapolis to Columbus, I had the new I-Phone 3G/S, I turned the Aircraft Mode On, (kills the Cellphone portion), it immediatly recognised and placed the wifi icon in the upper left of the display, the connection window ("Popped open") had uhthutwi7 in it I clicked okay, it appeared as though it connected, however I couldnt send email and it wouldnt allow me to connect to the internet, I asked the Stewardess if the flight had free internet connect and she said yes. I tried Safari as well, when I "sent the email" I immediately got an error window stating the connection to the server failed. I am a AT&T Customer. When I started to get off the aircraft the Pilot said, did you have any sucess, I said no, he said , and showed me a BB9700. He said the BB9700 has no problem, they get asked all the time by I-Phone users. He said its a Apple Thing. You can surf but you cant email?

    Is this true? How do you use the 9700 on a Aircraft.

    Also I am thinking of going back to the 9700, How do I retrieve all my Contacts, Notes and Phone Book ect, does it synch with Outlook? I forgot.

    Also does anyone know if the 9700 on AT&T does Hebrew? this is Crucial for me to know.

    The I-Phone is a Nice Toy Phone, Games, Beautiful Display, if your a gamer, or your trying to keep up with the Jonsies, this is the phone for you. I do Insurance Consulting, My clients have to have easy and quick access to me, the Blackberry Email, Instant and Pin Messaging is unbeatable, either that or they spoiled me for Life. The Touch Keyboard sucks, I dont like it, I didnt like it then, and I dont like it now-

    You cant change everything on the I-Phone like you can on the BB, and I get server errors all the time telling me that something is using my email acount therfore the Desktop gets locked out of my email, until I turn off the I-Phone, something that never occured with the BB. Lastly, I was threatened by Apple if I unlock the phone I will violate the terms of warranty. I can simply get a new 9700, call Rim or AT&T up and ask for Unlock, and they will give it to me rightaway, without a threat.

    After spending so much Money, Apple can take their threat and stick it up their CPU. I am a Customer, not a Inmate at a Prison.

    Lastly, someone made mention of Adobe Flash being available for this phone, anyone know if its correct?
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    just go to the 'manage connections' icon and disable the mobile network radio. you can still keep the wifi and bluetooth radios on if you want them.

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