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I am in Buffalo, NY. And the times when I actually am able to recieve ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    I am in Buffalo, NY. And the times when I actually am able to recieve 3G coverage it works pretty fine. Maybe not as great as it should but enough. I also use WiFi so I can somewhat disreguard it.
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    I'm running 9700/ on tmobile and it runs pretty fast for me.......only once or twice has it moved slow

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    Well....I'm not on TMobile or the 9700.....but a couple of months ago I noticed that after a period of time (perhaps a week or so) I noticed that my Internet searches (8900 on ATT) were significantly slower and getting slower.....I couldn't discern any differences in email speeds but I really didn't check that characteristic. I checked memory and had 103,050,178 available.....much, much more than when I had my 8310 or 8300 Curves......What solved my problem was a simple fix and has allowed me to enjoy faster surfing since this minor discovery.....I performed a battery pull.....OK, not a battery pull Literally.....but what is generally referred to as a "soft reset" which for all practical purposes is the same thing.....depress alt + rshift + del at the same time.....Life is good again.
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    Well I am an employee for tmobile and recently ordered a blackberry bold 9700. The internet and 3G were very slow but I noticed when I used my android devices the web was much faster. Also noticed extensive amount of dropped calls on my berry vs my droid phones. After reloading a newer version from a different a carrier I found my berry to be extremely fast on web and doesn't drop any calls over 3g. I am currently running .442.

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    .442 has been one of the more solid os... sucks tmo hasnt release one yet..
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    If T-Mobile's 3G a bit sluggish how about their 4G service? Well, anyone having issues with their 4G?

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    You guys need to quit blaming TMo and start looking at the DEVICE itself. Manufacturers (Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Apple and a few others) have been putting out phones capable of at least 7.2 Mbps HSDPA since 2008. RIM decides that in 2009 (almost 2010) on their "flagship" device they were gonna release the 9700 with only 3.6 Mbps HSDPA and 256MB of RAM. That is a huge FAIL in my book and the reason I passed it on to my wife who at the time didn't care about such things. That would be the reason for your "slow" browser or network experience, not T-Mobile.

    That was nearly 9 months ago and was the last straw for me as I see RIM is still up to their same antics with the release of the 9780. Nothing noteworthy... Borrowing still, hardware from 2008 on the 8900 with the screen size and resolution not changing. There's a reason they're selling them for only $129.99 and not the customary $199.99 on contract price. As it looks now, QNX would probably be for me, the only reason to consider RIM again. The PlayBook looks phenomenal and I just hope RIM doesn't ruin the handsets with their "Old World" Industrial Design. This of course is based on offerings of the 9630, 9650, 9700 and 9780 all looking very, very similar. Flip phones (9670, 8220/30) have had their day.... but no longer in 2011.
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