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I think we have to wait for the true specs on the final product. I ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    I think we have to wait for the true specs on the final product. I admit that the iphone is enticing, but I'm not sure it's ready to win me over.
    Never wanted to be a simple man...

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    I dont care about the 9000, I want the 4.5!

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    It amazes me that people still believe that the 9000 series were going to be touch-screen devices.

    It's amazing that a joking post made on a blog (that was admitted to be a bogus post) gets everyone in a frenzy and all of a sudden they believe that the next BlackBerry is going to be touchscreen.

    Like I said MONTHS ago, I should have put this on BoDog and let everyone bet on it, since the most asked question there has been about the 9k series is "OMG, IT WILL HAVE A TOUCH SCREEN!" I would be buying a nice estate down in Antigua right about now. ;-)

    Like I said back THEN, NO, IT WILL NOT HAVE A TOUCH SCREEN-You are looking at ATLEAST a year if not more for a touch screen, IF EVER. Just because RIM patents something, does NOT mean it is going to happen.

    It's funny how rumors get started...What ever happened, as mentioned in another post, to the "Tabbed Browsing" that was FOR SURE going to be part of the 4.5 Operating System? Hmmm...Maybe that's the problem with the internet now a days, everyone sees one thing, and the next thing you know, it's considered to be proven fact, only to realize months later that was NEVER the case, and then everyone wants to complain about it.

    BTW, I just heard the next model Ferrari is rumored to be the F490, and will have a list price of only $34,000! Better pre-order yours today!

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    That IS the problem with the internet. Sites such as wikipedia and other blogs turn common belief into fact.
    Aside from that, I too knew they weren't going to jump right into a touchscreen and quite frankly could care less. However, the 9k is ugly. Quit calling it sleek, its freaking huge! The curve is sleek, the pearl is sleek. The 9k is a knock off iphone design in need of a diet.
    Instead of going on forever about this im just going to say i agree with most of what the initial posters were saying, especially archer's portion.

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    I just want 4.5 and wifi

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