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I'm just new to the posting thing but have used a bb faithfully from a ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Thumbs down 6.0 so what!


    I'm just new to the posting thing but have used a bb faithfully from a 7750->8830 and now the 9780.

    Although, 6.0 may provide some operational enhancements much needed in the world of smart phones. The UI and these themes have got me beat! I'm a simple man with simple needs "show me all the icons I need (use)" and I hide the rest. Never mind sliding tabs, pages whatever they are. All I see are duplicate icons. I tried to download (thru the DM) different themes and haven't had much success with that either. If someone can tell me how to get a Dimension icon or equivalent theme working that would be great.

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    I believe that 6.0 is too recent, especially on Bold form factors, to have a lot of theme choices available. When I test-drove 6.0 for my 9700, none of the thousand or so themes available at BlackBerry App World would work - although most worked on my fave I think with the passing of a little time, themes will start popping up.

    I don't care for 6.0 either, but I think it will eventually grow on us - at least with my older BB I can "downgrade" to 5, you don't have that option! But, again, I would expect some theme options to start popping up in the next few months as the "artists" start working on 6 - -

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    Yes I agree you may just have to wait a bit before a simple theme like that pops up.

    OS6 seems to have alot of other improvements that some may not notice. I Have a 9700 with T-mobile and I loaded a leaked version of OS6 and battery life has greatly improved as well as reception. Reception for me was poor in the back half of my apartment and now its on point. Web browser is much better and has multiple pages.

    I too dislike the theme of OS6 however the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. If I find a theme I shall let you know!

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    I am looking forward to it being available from Telus. or at least until there is a solid version available...

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    Yeah, I agree with qbangringo. Given the new benefits including the new functionality of the home screen. I find myself not needing a new theme. Overall OS6 has been a positive experience on my T-mobile 9700. There are a couple of quirky things I am finding I can't do for some weird reason. But the benefit still far exceed the quirkiness.

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    I definitely prefer the web browser, (have stopped using Bolt and Opera Mini), I must admit the multiple home pages can be annoying, but I can live with it. I do like the option to highlight the alerts and then see what they are, they suddenly become useful . Battery life and reception are also good.

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    tabs! i love it!

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    Personally Mark I'm with you. 6.0 is nice but nothing amazing to me. But I like vintage things. Every now and again I dust off my 8700r or my 7100x to use the track wheel. Hahaha. But then I return to 2011

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    Actually, I like it... so far...
    But I'm new to 9700 too... after 8100, giant leap.
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    well folks as soon as the RIM folks quit messing around and us theme developers can do what we want again, your simple themes will be abundant, but for right now the custom version does not compute well. There are a few features with 6.0 I do like however

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