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I was reading a link from google(to BusinessWeek) that the new iPhone's 3g data plan ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question 3g Pricing Bump?


    I was reading a link from google(to BusinessWeek) that the new iPhone's 3g data plan will be $15 more than the original $30 plan. That is just ludicrous!! And there's talk of being another $15 for connection to a corporate Exchange server.

    So will the blackberry 3g plan get the bump in price too? Please say it ain't so!!!! I don't see a company shelling out soooo much money for a new smartphones only to get hit with an even more 3g data plan (or ME for that matter, I'll stick to the Curve)

    Anyone got the inside scoop?

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    I think the old iPhone plan was cheaper than the Blackberry plan. I don't think they blackberry 3g plan will increase (just guessing). I think they were just increasing the iPhone plan to make it comparable to the blackberry plan.

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    I've been working for AT&T for 2 yrs now, and I have asked my AT&T Rep constantly about the rates. He's explained that the rates charged by carriers is dictated by the manufacturer. The biggest reason that BB's were a hot commodity for Cingular/AT&T users is the fact that their BIS plan was anywhere between 10-15 dollars less than PDA plans. Blackberry plans have been 30 dollars for a while and i don't think they will go up or down. however I do believe (IMO) that apple will get people into these low rate plans $20 per month, and then after 6 months or so, bump it up to $30, 40, or even $50.... they also come with a 2 yr contract with no if's and's or buts... as shady as apple has been with their iphone, it wouldn't surprise me

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    The At&t site has detailed upcoming 3g iPhone rates, and they're not cheap. We can only pray that it doesn't affect us Blackberry addicts. I'd have to suffer without the faster bandwith, if the increases are inherent to anything using 3g

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    What's funny about the new 3G iPhone plans is that they omit one very expensive part of it: it's an extra $99 a year to take advantage of Mobile Me's PUSH abilities. At least with BB's the $30 a month includes PUSH.

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    Enterprise plans have always been 45 a month, only difference was that during the first implementation of having it available for business user. They were given a 25 dollar credit for the first 12 month.s Now that it is running on our 3G network the consumer price has been adjusted to reflect that. No reason to offer it for $20 if it is running on our better network and reduce the phone's price. Just not much of a business sense to not follow.

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