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Hi guys... ok, iv just spent today trying to fix this silly situation with poor ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question 3G O2 Frustrations!!


    Hi guys... ok, iv just spent today trying to fix this silly situation with poor 3G reception in Central London. I'm running .210 on o2 branded bold (.210 works best with me :-D).

    Over the last few weeks iv noticed a pain with my 3G, its slow... and slower than EDGE. delays with emails coming in and dropped calls.

    after much discussion with o2, it seems they don't understand whats going on. the hilarious thing one of the stupid sales rep said was ''3G is crap why dont you buy another fone... maybe a Nokia''....WTF!!!!

    anyway the suggestions so far are to change the sim which today i did, with a few minor problems... i thought it was better earlier but the 3g problems returned.

    the next suggestion made was to send the handset to repairs for them to have a look at. this is not really worth it for me as it will mean being without my BB for at least 14days.

    so... the question is any other suggestions from you guys?! what do i do, or should do to resolve the situation? Please advise...
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    I'm in the USA, but my thoughts are that maybe the 3g network there may possibly be loaded with lots of traffic which is slowing down the pipes? What network are you on there? Here the Bold works on AT&T and in Canada I believe it is Rogers.

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    How's your signal strength when its running slow? I know sometimes mine runs slower as I guess there's more "traffic" on the towers I'm using. Have you looked at your available app mem when this is happening and how much browser cache you Have at this time? Both of these seem to affect performance. In a city such as london you should have full bars all the time. Also see if you can switch over to wifi and notice a difference in browser speed. This will tell you if its the network of the device.
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