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Hi, folks. Sorry if I'm duplicating another thread, but I couldn't find one with this ... BlackBerry Torch forum

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    Torch Battery Drain after OS 526 & Navigator 2.2 updates


    Hi, folks. Sorry if I'm duplicating another thread, but I couldn't find one with this confluence of issues. Within the last week or so I updated both the Torch OS (to v6.0.0.526) and the AT&T Navigator software (to v2.2.1015). Both updates were after I received notices (the OS via a DM synch; Navigator following a message in that program). Both were troublesome and took several battery pulls, etc. before seeming to stabilize. Once everything else settled down, though, my battery is draining at an alarming rate. With no significant change in my use, I've gone from only needing to charge every 2-3 days, to needing it 2+ times PER day. Particularly after running Navigator, and once it hits about 70%, I can almost watch the battery indicator change. It easily loses 5% within a few minutes, and drops to about 50% within an hour or two, even with no activity. It hits the red warning and shuts down after another couple of hours or so.

    As before the upgrades, I normally run my phone with Bluetooth active (though in use only a few minutes per day at most) and Wi-fi off.

    I found another thread that suggested the problem might be related to compression on the SD card. I followed that advice and removed the card, turned off compression, did several battery pulls, etc. That seemed to help for a day, but now I'm back to a quickly draining battery.

    Until this happened, I considered my Torch nearly perfect for my use. Now, however. . . . Grr.

    Thanks to anyone who can suggest a solution. You folks are always a great resource!

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    I do not use Navigator, since I have Garmin Mobile, so I do not know if the Navigator upgrade or the .526 upgrade is the cause of the battery drain.

    Does the battery drain if you are not running Navigator?

    What OS were you running prior to the upgrade?

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    Thanks for the reply, lak611. I should have known better than to run two upgrades so close together. As you note, it makes the diagnosis difficult.

    The rapid drain seems to happen whether or not I use Navigator; however, there's no question the problem gets dramatically worse when I do use that program. Whether it's because of Navigator's updated software, or simply the fact that Navigator is resource-intensive, I don't know.

    As for the prior OS, I originally had Applications 6.0.141 (via Bundle 278). I believe (but now can't recall for sure) that I had successfully upgraded to Applications (via Bundle 6.0.095) several months ago. I'm relatively conservative about such things, and use only the official releases from AT&T.

    Things were working just fine prior to the recent update to Applications (via Bundle, quickly followed by the Navigator update noted above. For example, I could run Navigator without a charger on a two hour trip, with a handful of Bluetooth phone calls en route, and still have a charge of well over 50%. Following the updates, simply making a few phone calls, OR taking a few (non-flash) photos, OR running Navigator for a single trip, seems to start a rapid decline. For example, today the phone has been on for about 3 hours, and all I've done so far is open one memo, run one quick Google search on the web (via 3G; i have Wi-fi turned off), and then check the device information in the Options function. That has already dropped me to 75%. Previously, those quick functions would not have changed my battery status.

    When I run the task-switcher, I note that the icons for Home, Mail, Phone, Web, and BBM all appear. I never use BBM, but I believe that was always in the background before (?). So I'm not able to spot anything running that shouldn't.

    I don't think it's a problem with the battery itself. It charges to 100% in the normal time, and the change occurred almost immediately after the two updates.

    My data is backed up, so the obvious solution seems to be a rollback to the prior versions of the OS and Navigator. I've not done that before, however, and am a little nervous about doing it unless it's necessary.

    Thanks for any ideas you might have!

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    Navigator will definitely drain the battery as it is constantly updating location with GPS sending and receiving signals and data. I would check if the new version is checking location on a regular basis in order to have a faster startup, check in the options menu of Navigator to see if you can only turn on GPS when you need it.

    The items you mention are standard apps that are always in the memory on all of the OS's that I have had.

    Just as a matter of interest do you use Google Maps with Lattitude, or POYNT or any location services on your phone which may use the GPS on a continual basis, for example Latitude continues to share your location even when Google Maps is not running unless you specify suspend sharing.

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    Yeah all the .5xx series stunk for me for battery life and data speed. The best mix I found was .448

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    Hi all,

    I had this same problem with just a simple upgrade and I think it was an OS issue. See this RIM knowledge base artricle:

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    I have been running the .526 since it was available with no issues at all. During the last couple of days, it started acting just like it did for PDXOR (rapid battery drain). I went back to .246 about 4 hours ago and it's back to "normal" on the battery so far.

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