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Hey guys, my first post, and not trying to be a troll just throwing out ... BlackBerry Torch forum

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    Question Torch 9800 thoughts.


    Hey guys, my first post, and not trying to be a troll just throwing out my feelings. Ready...CATCH =O!

    Was trying out the Torch 9800 @ an ATT store recently and noticed a few things. Overall the way it slid seemed to irk me. It was more that there wasnt really a way to slide it without hitting the buttons or screen.

    As for the keyboard that'll take some getting used to as im used to Pearl (no sex joke intended;). Also, the new keypad is....getting used to it still.

    Everything else seemed great though the touch had a great feel to it, and so did everything else. I hope to get it eventually (600 deposit! Yay for being young and creditless >.>). Other that, the phone is awesome =).

    What do you guys, gals, vet, and n00bs have to say about it =)?

    PS: I abuse smileys >=D!
    PSS: This is my second post apparently, sorry for the deceit.
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    Welcome to posting and thanks for your thoughts on the Torch. Get yourself a nice case for it (check out my review on the Seidio Innocase Active) and you'll find that you'll be able to open the slider with your thumb on the side of the screen.

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    I've never hit any buttons while sliding the screen up. I generally slide the screen up with one hand too and never had that problem. It's hard to explain, when I push the screen up I hold it in a certain way I guess. If you get one, you'll find your own way of holding it and it'll naturally adjust to your hand and you'll eventually get the knack of sliding it up comfortably (without hitting any buttons ;P). Also like what RogerG mentioned, if you also end up getting a case for it, it makes it easier to slide the device open. I have an Otterbox for mine but I don't use it anymore. I like the rich feeling of sleekness in my hands! xD

    But my 2 cents of the torch......I LOVE IT!! Got mine in October 2010 and never had a problem with it since. Honestly, I think you can only really appreciate the Torch if you're a previous BB owner though. If you've never owned a BB before, it'll all be overwhelming at first with how much you can do with it, but I guess like all new phones, it takes some getting use to =3

    If you do end up getting it, we're you friends here for help!
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    I love my Torch. It is hands down the best BB I have ever owned! Yes cases help slide, but I have an OEM case, and prefer the hands on feel of that. Feel free to post any other Torch questions as we are here to help . .. .

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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    I like the torch a lot although I sometimes find it slow (network wise). My biggest grip is fingerprints and so forth on the screen, plus very occasionaly when talking I find that it clicks to speakerphone due to the interaction with my face I tend to use handsfree now, which also allows me to look up numbers, check e-mails and google whilst chatting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dushdavj View Post
    My biggest grip is fingerprints and so forth on the screen...
    That's mine as well. I never liked touch screens because of that, but the Torch is ridiculous on that matter.
    I have no problems with the slider but I dislike the keyboard. Curve 83xx and Bold 9000 are way better.
    Also, convenience keys and connectors positioning is objectionable as well as CPU speed (lots of hourglasses here).
    Besides that and other minor annoyances it's a fine BlackBerry.

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