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First, the obligatory disclaimer: I am a blackberry user for 13 or 14 years. I ... BlackBerry Torch forum

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    So frustrated with my Torch (going to be on my third) and stuck...


    First, the obligatory disclaimer: I am a blackberry user for 13 or 14 years. I currently own a Curve 8310 and a Torch 9800. Ive been on just about every model over the years, aside from perhaps the Pearl lineup.

    The Situation:
    My (then) new Torch was purchased via AT&T right after launch. Less than a year later, it developed signs of demonic possession. I posted about it here. I was given a refurbished Torch at the AT&T Warranty Center after all attempts at OS reload, systems wipes and battery pulls didnt solve the problem. Apart from being noticeably wobbly, my refurb model has worked fine until last week. It had been running the official OS that preceded, I only recently upgraded to .526 after the device went into reboot mode several times during the day over a span of a week. I removed apps, I reloaded and wiped. The device still constantly reboots when you set it down on a surface (very slight jostling will cause the red light to come on) the device sometimes refuses to reboot - gets red light, goes black. Battery pull sometimes brings it back, sometimes not. The "back" key is not working consistently. I dont even know if this is hardware or software. The AT&T guy said he's seen both hardware and software affect the key response. I had it on long enough yesterday to walk through troubleshooting with AT&T on the phone. The only thing they will do for me is issue a third Torch (refurbished, not new) I am pissed. Ive been with AT&T since 2002 and my family has multiple phones on my plan. I dont want another refurbished turb from the Warranty Center. Im in contract into the summer of 2012 so I am screwed in terms of upgrade eligibility. I'd like to leave Blackberry for Android at this point. I wish I hadnt sold my Bold 9000, that was the most stable Blackberry I have owned to date.

    I am not trying to unneccessarily bash the Torch. I loved it, my original felt solid, very very little slider wobble. The refurb was crap and from the moment I took possession of it, I was kicking myself that I didnt insist on one that was solid. My friend has a Torch and we were out the other night comparing notes - he hates the build quality of his as well in terms of wobble and his menu keypad is actually separating from the body of the bezel. The point is, the more I hold this phone the more frustrated I am that I am stuck with it for another year.

    Walked into an AT&T store this afternoon with it in hopes that maybe they would have an incentive to perhaps help me get a new device (not at the 'no commitment price' but perhaps with a new 2-yr contract and discount) No help. His hands are tied, blah blah blah. Refurb is my only option, outside of spending $550 on a new Android out of pocket.

    AT&T rep was actually in the store and was very nice and would make some phone calls but I highly doubt I will get anywhere with them.

    Has anyone screamed loud enough to get a brand new device? The refurbs come with a one-year warranty only.

    TIA for any opinions / thoughts
    Torch 9800

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    Oh yes, I screamed loud enough to be issued a brand new Torch on my 4th try, after 2 refurbs, so yes, it can be done.

    I have a Premier account for my business, so had to go that route, but it should be similar for you in that you call AT&T Customer Service and basically (and calmly) threaten to cancel your account. Ask to be transferred to their customer retentions department.

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    Different device and carrier but same situation: I got a Bold 9780 last December after becoming slightly unglued over the phone with T-Mobile after having 3 8120's and an HTC Touch Pro 2 which I still have and use as a prepaid backup.
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    Hi Dolphin, this is clearly a hardware issue on the device and AT&T and they should stop passing the buck around and should replace it, if you have to go for a refurbished one, make sure you test it properly before you accept it. The torch indeed is a good phone and it pains to know that a fellow torch user is subjected to such a crappy device. Best of luck

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    Let's try for the best and be prepared for the worst.

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    I had a similar problem with the Blackjack (that had been replaced 4 times) the finally did replace it with the new jack (back when I used it) keep talking to someone more higher up, they have a policy that if the phone is replaced 3 or 4 times (don't remember which) they have to give you a new upgrade.
    Happily I have the original torch for a year that had been replaced with a so called refurbished one that worked fine except for the battery which they didn't replace. I recently upgraded to the new torch (which I had to exchange 3 times in 4 days at Best Buy) but they where defective, which now the one I have so far works great.

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