I have had my 9850 replaced I am on phone number 3.

1st time:
Which was Saturday morning I woke up to Error 102 now I know that is a reloading of the O/S b/c I have had a bb since 2k2 so I am no newbie. I tried to reload the the phone 3x and it kept erroring out so I took it to the store told them what happened and I only had it for a week b/c the phone just came out last week Sunday. The punks keep it for an hour and tell me oh yea you are right it will not reload and gave me a new one.

2nd time:
I left the store and I was with my daughter for 1hr and got a java vm error so I know once again you have to reload the phone. Lil did I know that Sprint was pushing an O/S update and it did not work out very well. So I took the phone back to the store and they said what did I do to the phone I only had it an hour and they tried to reload it again and it errored out again so gave me a 3rd one

So I am on phone 3 I hope this one works out fine.