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Hey aiyssa check this out for more battery for your iPhone. BlackBerry Torch forum

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    Hey aiyssa check this out for more battery for your iPhone.

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    I thought you all would like to know that the BB Torch is the Readers' Choice Winner on Laptop Magazine... Bet you are all shocked and stunned

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    Im not stunned, however, I am pleasantly surprised.
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    Im not surprised nor stunned... It's a great phone! Period!

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    I have the Torch and just purchased the Iphone4 for my wife....she likes the apps and I like surfing and messaging. Personal choice but a physical keyboard cannot be beat.

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    It all boils down on what your preference is and what you need it for. Good luck with your choice
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    Can't believe I'm just seeing this thread a month later. I haven't owned a Torch but I've used one for a day (swapping phones with my friend). It is better than I thought it would have turned out. I obviously love my device in the iPhone 4. I get my emails pushed to my phone (which is a critique a few people had). All you have to do is set it up through Microsoft Exchange.
    I found my battery life was better with the iPhone 4, however, the Bold series lasts longer. Videos and gaming is better on the iPhone 4. But if you like a physical keyboard, blackberry is known for that. Although the keyboard is a little more crammed based on making room for the tracks for the slider, the keyboard is still very, very good. The screen is just as responsive on both phones but the dictionary is better on the Torch. You have to be careful the iPhone doesn't completely change the word you were typing. Once you get used to the touchscreen, of course it will be easier, but it is a process.
    The one thing I don't miss about BlackBerry is the leaked memory. My friends with Torch's had to instantly download quickpull because they found their phones freezing or lagging. And of course, with every BlackBerry, you have the addictive BBM (which I find is the reason most people stay with BlackBerry). The calendars are both equal to me but I can see why people would prefer the Torch's. And although you can set up multiple email accounts on the iPhone 4, I would say to go Torch if you have multiple email addresses you use. Browsing goes to the iPhone 4, hands down. Even without flash, most basic internet surfers don't encounter that many sites using flash that they cannot navigate around.

    By now you probably already made a decision, I just had to drop my 2 cents. And I will admit, I am biased towards the iPhone 4 but I tried to be as neutral as possible.


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