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    Question Hide Media Card


    Is there a way that you can make an app so when you click on it, it disables the use of the media card or hides whats on it? Or even making it so that by pressing the convenience key it will hide it all until you enable it again?

    if someone needs to borrow my phone to make a phone call or test i don't want them going through my pictures or music.

    any help would be great thanks!

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    I'm not sure of a specific way to just lock the media card.

    The best thing to do, would be to use a password lock on your blackberry.
    Whenever it's locked, there's an option to "Place Phone Call" without locking it.

    Apart from that...
    If you go to your Options > Device > Storage... (In OS 6)
    There is an option "Media Card Support" that is checked by default.

    That will make your phone ignore the Media Card, making it inaccessible until you go back and turn it on again.
    INTERNAL storage, however, will still be available.
    So make sure anything incriminating is only on your Media Card. =P

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