Well I have had 5 replacement 9850's in 2 weeks via the sprint tour due to error 102.

My phone would start to lock up and the onscreen keyboard would stop working out of the blue, the phone would reboot and get stuck on the 2nd b in blackberry for 15 mins straight and it would either reboot for the next 3x in a loop and come up with the error 102 or the JVM 569.

I have reloaded this phone 2x in one day for the same errors. I thought it was my profile so when i received a replacement my 3rd replacement I ran the phone for 1 day with no apps or contacts to see if it was something in my profile and it errored out anyway.

I am sorry but, I will never get the torch 9850 ever again and now I am back to using my good old 9670 style. The battery may suck but it is reliable. Maybe I will try the 9930 what do you think?