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Hi all...thought I would drop a line and let those of you searching stores in ... BlackBerry Torch forum

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    Charging dock for 9800


    Hi all...thought I would drop a line and let those of you searching stores in Canada in vain for the 9800 charging dock that there is hope! Crackberry has them for around 30 plus shipping as do a few other online shops. I just ordered one off for under 20 plus shipping! Check it out. Any order over 25.00 is free shipping, so grab something else you need and save some cash!

    Happy hunting!

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    also, depending on the one you want, they have it on ebay from 16 (+ free shipping) - 25 (+ free shipping).

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    I found one in a small shop in the northeren end of Richmond Hill ON a few weeks ago...the price was the same as Crackberry but no works great!

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    Has Anyone seen that new Charger Plate made by Durcell? I have only seen it advertised on the T.V. Tube. ( Yeah I said TUBE can't afford to buy even the smallest LCD Truly Flat Screen Television or The Plasma Flat Screen Television) I would love get that if only I can find one Anyone know what the damage to my wallet would be? It can't cost that much. I'm thinking something like that would have a introduction price about $35 or up to $45 Bucks.

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    If this is what you're talking about, it looks to be around 70.00.

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    The problem I see with these charge mats/grids is that it requires a piece to be attached to your BB for it to work. These could interfere with cases you use. I personally use both the cradle and a standard cord for charging. If you read the info on the Duracell myGrid, it says it has a clip that works for *most* blackberry models. You might have to purchase another item in addition to the charging kit.
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    I had one of those Duracell gizmos in my hand, to try out, and it works of course...but as Morgase says, it´s a fat lump on the rear of any phone. So, if you got your baby in a case, it´s either the case or the gizmo, the gizmo or the case...
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    Thank You for all the replies about The Duracell Charging Mat or Plate, Pad it looks like a lot out
    there for the Apple Whatever Two, Three, or what you want to spend a extra $200 or $300 on
    just to have the little black and white half eaten Icon on the other side of the computer or the
    phone too rich for me. Look like I got to wait till BlackBerry creates it own Wireless Charging Mat
    or Pad. That's all this poor man can do. Merry Christmas to All !!. Happy Chanukah !! And Jolly
    New Year All !!! TheDarkwing. Bah Hum Bug. LOL

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