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I have a user where he complains that his Call Log doesn't show outbound calls ... BlackBerry Torch forum

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    Call Log Not Showing last dialed number


    I have a user where he complains that his Call Log doesn't show outbound calls that he makes. Has anyone seen this before?

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    Never seen that. Which OS is he running? If a battery pull doesn't fix it, get him to reload the software or possibly update it.
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    Is he on BES or BIS?

    Does he have the "confirm deletion of calls" box checked in the call logs options(go to call log, hit BB menu key and select options)???

    I know on my Torch with the touch screen i have, on more than one occasion, almost deleted something inadvertently, just not being used to the touchscreen device. For this reason @ every opportunity i set the "confirm deletion" option.

    Hope this helps . . . and please reply if this does not resolve your issue or complete your questions. There are many of us device pros that roam around here and we are always happy to help!

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