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Hi all, just thought I would post a word of warning for you all. I ... BlackBerry Torch forum

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    Hi all, just thought I would post a word of warning for you all. I use the Wallet software to store all my passwords and received notification that there was an upgrade to 1.2. So thinking that I had backed up my Torch when I first received it I went ahead an upgraded, of course when I tried to open the software it had removed all the passwords and data I had I then plugged to my computer and found that there was no backup PANIC!!. So I checked to see if I could open the backup file for my Bold 9000 whilst plugged into the 9800. I was surprised to find that I could and not only that I could restore the data for a the Wallet by ticking that application. Even better I was then able to read all the passwords. So this saved me the pain of retyping in 45 passwords!
    Obviously the best thing to do before you update any program on the blackberry is to backup, and of course backup on a regular basis, this is good advice for your PC's/Mac's as well!! Remember Backup. Backup, Backup!!

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