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I am curious if anyone has the same annoyance as I have. You see the ... BlackBerry Torch forum

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    BB Status bar Disabling


    I am curious if anyone has the same annoyance as I have. You see the top of the Torch shows you the Date, Battery life, Network, Time, Signal strength and below it is profiles and search. What is my annoyance? Well since this phone is a touch screen. I find myself constantly and un-intentionally touching the Status bar above the search and profiles bar.

    Why am I so annoyed by it? Well besides it bringing up a menu, I have many times accidentally turned off my phones network. I am wondering, does anyone know how to disable this feature? I have looked and cannot see it. Help…….
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    LOL! You're not the first one to complain about this.

    My recommendation? Go out to AppWorld and get yourself a theme called Phoenix by AHaz Designs. All that stuff is still at the top, but the status bar is a lot smaller and you won't have a problem with the accidents you describe. Not to take anything away from our great themers here, and I have many of their themes on my device, but Phoenix is the one I end up going back to for its simplicity......there are no "trays" with this them. Simply a home screen with four customizable icons that can be hidden, if you like that sort of thing. I like it because I have some cool wallpapers (which you'll also find here on PinStack) that I like to show off!

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    +1 on that recommendation for Phoenix. I initially got this theme because I was tired of redundant trays, but in the end it helps a lot with the unintended opening of the status bar. I cant tell you how many times i would fat-finger that and turn off all connections on my Torch. The only other thing that might help is a locking screen such as BerrySlider or PatternLock. Good luck

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