I tried. I tried to like touchwiz on my S4 but in the end I had to go back to AOSP.

1. Battery life. There are times when touchwiz is better and times when it's not. That's the problem. It's just not consistent. Kernel matters and I never could get things just right.

2. Laggy. On the surface it's smooth and silky. The problem arises when I add mods and tweaks. Touchwiz is designed to be run as is, tinkering with it screw's up the whole works. Either run as stock or get used to it eventually bogging down. Does take it awhile but eventually it will show.

3. I can't be "stock". Like I mentioned above I can't stick to pure stock. I don't like the green of touchwiz, or the messaging app. Or the browser. Or the toggles.....you get it.

4. I never feel as if its "mine". The biggest draw to AOSP is the level of customization it grants me. Active notifications, custom toggles, change theme....name it. On the outside my S4 may look like someone else's, but unlock it and it's completely different.

Performance on AOSP is smooth at all times. I have the stuff I want without the stuff I don't. I have more than a gig of ram free instead of less than. Its quick. Its solid, and its 1000 times better. Sammy, you make great phones, drop touchwiz and open it up.

<end of rant>