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Hello there all. It has been a very long time since I have been on ... Android Tablets forum

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    Hello there all. It has been a very long time since I have been on here cause after the page changes went into affect over a year ago, my bb just took forever and a day to load the page. I had a BB pearl 8120 since they came out till 2 weeks ago and really loved it, and hard to part with it. It hardly ever froze, was reliable and was hard to break! I upgraded to a myjunk 4G and it lasted 4 days before it crapped out. It froze on me a few times and on the last day, I was bluetoothing some songs over to it from the trusty bb and it froze badly. After battery pull I still c couldn't get it to boot past the first two screens. Tmobile had nee do a master reset and that helped for a few minutes, then all the programs started failing horibly and throwing errors up so fast I couldnt read them all. So I took it back and got the new samsung galaxy s. 5 days in and all is well so far. Love the touch screen. Very sensitive and the keyboard is more acurate than the myjunk was. The unlock button is a pain tho! Ugh. It seems to take more than one press most off the time to get the screen to light up. If anyone else gets this phone and does not have that prob then power let me know cause it might just be mine and I need to get it fixed. Processor is amazing but I dont get 4 or 3g where I live soo its just a little faster than the bb on internet. On front of phone at the top, left there are three sensors? Thought they were indicators but they never flash and havent seen that option on this phone yet. Figure they are for screen dimming and stuff. Also when on a web page, how do u completly close the page upon exit so next time I open the browser its not on that page still. I also have selected msn as my home page numerous times and still get web to go as my home screen. Very nice phone so far. Havent got to try out video chat with anyone yet so can't comment on that yet. Worried bout breaking it cause it is way more light and brittle than bb. Will post more aftwr more use time. Glad to be back in the loop and back on the stacks!

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    There's a lot of folks in the Cellular South thread that have Galaxy S. Head over there, if you want, and I'm sure one of them will tell you about there experiences with the phone's power button. That forum can be found here:

    I'll also link your post over there so they will see it. They hardly venture out of the Cellular South thread, haha.

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