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I am still enjoying the Playbook, a bit disappointed that the vs 2.0 software update ... BlackBerry Playbook forum

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    I am still enjoying the Playbook, a bit disappointed that the vs 2.0 software update has been delayed, but I still like the Bridge capability, having Docs2Go included in the price, and am using it as a tool, in meetings as well as browsing the web. IThe fact it multitasks properly without having to Jailbreak is good too. Its sad it keeps getting bad reviews, not sure why other than maybe RIM is not considered "cool"

    I can read and create PDF files as well which is usefuli in addition to running a powerpoint presentation from it, sound is good, camera is good... so it will be good to see BBX on it
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    Well I mentioned in another thread that I managed to play with the playbook at a best buy store along with other "competitive" tablets and I'm convinced there is no competition. I honestly don't see why the playbook isn't all the rage right guess is that it's too "complicated" for the average user seeing as how blackberries are considered the businessman's phone...right now I struggle to type this om my Bold 9700 because it is too small and too slow on this site. It happens often and it's pissing me off. It closed on me twice and even rebooted itself. I even reinstalled the OS and still I get the little time clock just to scroll. I should be complaining in the 9700 thread But hopefully I won't worry about BIG sites shutting down on me after next friday.

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