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I love Haters!!!... Apple iPad forum

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    I love Haters!!!
    Hate me for everything I am before you love me for something I'm NOT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by srl7741 View Post
    Young people are embarracing, lets hope someday they grow up and earn a living and understand life is not free or cheap.
    They should have taken that money and donated it to some charity.

    What a waste.
    I couldn't agree more, srl7741. They could have given it to me, for instance, either the money and/or the iPad. HE HE HE
    Define irony: A bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song that was sung by a band that got killed on a plane. - By a man who is in a movie about those very idiots dancing on the plane he was on.

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    This video was good for one reason. When he dropped the iPad the first time, the screen didn't crack. That's a good thing to know how strong it actually is. The rest of the video is useless, and those children need to get jobs lol. Learn the value of a dollar when your out sweating for it.

    $600 wasted on a video for no reason at all could have gone to buying food for the lacking food banks lol, just something to think about.
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