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Today wired is offering a free preview of the iPad app. Just wanted to let ... Apple iPad forum

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    Free preview of Wired


    Today wired is offering a free preview of the iPad app. Just wanted to let everyone know. Don't know how long it is going to last.

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    I updated the App b/c I had the first edition. So it's now able to let you manage any Wired monthly magazines you may like or not like.
    It allowed me to re-download the previous edition again for free.

    It's nice because the App is free with one free edition. Then you can use the App to browse any new magazine out and decide if you want it or not.
    Download one month you like for some reason and then next month you don't have to if you don't want to. Time Magazine is also using the same sort of App.

    If you look close on Time you will see the "Feed" button at the bottom I think and it brings up current Time articles and often you can skip that month unless there is articles you must have.

    Works good but I still think the price should come down just a bit. I forget? was it $2.99 ? I would rather have a yearly option like the Print version.
    Remember to look at the files sizes also just in case you have a 16BG version it may become important.


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