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A thread was going around a day or two ago that was asking people to ... Free BlackBerry Themes forum

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    The "Dream Theme"


    A thread was going around a day or two ago that was asking people to state what their dream Blackberry would be like.

    What about themes? There's so many out there, (i.e. Icon, BB Zen, BB Today, BB Today Plus, Phantom, T-Mobile Zen.)

    Aside from the background, which you can change anyways... if you could design you're own theme layout, what would it be like, and what would be selected for your home icons?

    As for me, I think it would be great to do a "Zen Combo" and a button that brings up a Today Theme. For instance I would have screen 1 be a BB Zen Theme that could be interchangable from either the left side or the right side. There will not be an Applications icon for the bottom most one, because I think it's retarded to have that icon there when a simple press of a button brings up the list/icons.

    Like the Today Plus theme, scroll past the bottom icon to get to your next 5 icons which would be laid out across the bottom like a T-Mobile Zen theme.

    Instead of the upper-most icon accessing profiles, when you press away from the vertical icons it will highlight the "Today" portion. Clicking on it will instantly switch to the Today theme where you can see your Calender, Call Log, and Tasks (no Messages). Re-highlight the icon and click to switch back.

    As for my Home Icons, the vertical list would include my 3 Email Folders, SMS/MMS Msgs, and my Broswer. The horizontal Home Icons would be assigned: Media, Pinstack Launcher, IM, Google Maps, and Memo Pad.

    Pressing the Menu button will bring up a list, not icons, of the Apps and Games that are not assigned as a home icon.

    If someone is willing to make this for me, let me know. Otherwise...

    If you could design your own theme layout, what would it be, what would it do, and if you have Home Icons, what will they be?
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    Re: The "Dream Theme"

    If I designed my own layout, I'd have a zen theme with 6 apps on the homescreen. Also minimal notification icons in a thin strip along the very top of the screen. Small fonts for time and date. Very minimalistic so my backgrounds can really shine

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