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I moved on since i started this theme build well over a year ago. I ... Free BlackBerry Themes forum

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    Releasing a .THM file for someone to finish


    I moved on since i started this theme build well over a year ago. I now own a Nokia N95 (Im a traitor, I know ) and i plan on buying an N97 when it comes out. So with no intention to use a blackberry for awhile (except as a beater phone, which is how i use my 8100 now...), i plan on releasing my .thm file for my iphone clone theme.

    The theme was pretty popular even though i never finished it. Its definetly got potential, but since i havnt been on lately i dont know if anybody has created the PERFECT iPhone theme. Either way though for builders who are just getting started this is a great little theme to play with since i have included all the files and icons i have used and the .thm file itself.

    This is the thread i had on the theme originally:

    Which includes plenty of screen shots of how the theme looks right now...

    Id say depending on how you want it to look in the end probably around 50% of the basic work is done.

    If anyone does finish the theme or make something truly great out of it i would love to see it so feel free to message me about it.

    Here is the file:

    Needless to say this is probably close to my last post, unless i log on for info about my sisters 8830... (soon to be 9000)

    Peace Guys.

    BTW File can only be downloaded 10 times... because im not logging into any account on rapidshare, If anyone does download it and wants more people to be able to enjoy it too, fell free to uploaded so more people can DL it.

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    Thanks so much for sharing!!
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    If its still available for download when I get to my pc, I'll see if I can finish your work.
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