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I looked around and could find plenty of posts about downloading OTA themes. I need ... Free BlackBerry Themes forum

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    Question How to create and upload theme to be OTA


    I looked around and could find plenty of posts about downloading OTA themes. I need to know what format I need to save the theme I have created in for it to be OTA. Also what kind of link do I need to that file once I upload it? I wanted to toss out some OTA themes, especially since i have had a request for them recently. I appreciate any help
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    Re: How to create and upload theme to be OTA

    Waiting for srl to respond. Also if silentone is around he will help you.

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    Re: How to create and upload theme to be OTA

    Hi TechieGirl

    This may help.

    To enable ota install on your web site look over the below text and it should help you understand what is needed in order to host ota files.

    the .jad file is the starting point that you post as the link for people to point to with the BB browser. You'll also need to place all the .cod files onto the server. The .jad file is a package listing of all the files the OTA action will need to download-- so after you make .jad file set, do not change any filenames because they are all encoded in the .jad file. The number of .cod files depends on how many graphic elements your particular theme has. Some of mine had 4 and some had 10 .cod files.

    the server needs to have some things enabled. I know that Apache servers are the preferred ones. You also need a file to tell the server how to handle requests. This is a .htaccess file. Note there is nothing preceeding the initial "dot" in the filename. The file needs to have this contents (build with a text-only editor like Notepad):

    AddType text/ jad
    AddType application/vnd.rim.cod cod
    AddType application/java-archive jar
    AddType audio/adpcm adp

    This file needs to be in every folder you create on the server with .jad and .cod files. Again, the file name is everything inside the quotes ".htaccess".

    I have also found that you must use the OTA installation of the Theme Reader application for OTA themes to work. Seems like a bug but I repeated it in testing. So, upload them too and place a link for users to grab them.

    the active link is to the themename.jad file


    To create the .jad file while using the theme builder select Export and choose the .jad option. Save to a folder and be sure to keep all those files saved together as they are all needed as outlined above.

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    Re: How to create and upload theme to be OTA

    I believe you could also put the 'AddType' statements in your httpd.conf file for apache and not have to do it in each and every directory.

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