i am sorry if i am posting this in the wrong section but i saw other help requests here so i am posting here some days ago i found a page here where everybody had made a theme making discussion area and everybody was exchanging tips but i totally lost that page and couldnt find it again if somebody can point me there too please.
well i want some help in theme making. i have made two basic themes and i now want to advance a bit and make something better. i tried to work with the composer i got two three basic steps done i was making for 8100 i combined 3 pictures in my project so they will show at different times all pictures were in the canvas area but when i exported it to SVG and put it on my home screen in theme builder it was half in the screen and half out of it diagonally. the project showed in the upper left corner of the screen and 50% of it was out of the screen what should i do i tried a lot in composer but it stays although i have made sure that the project was in the canvas area in composer there please help