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Just wanted to let those that have PM'd know and anyone that is interested. I ... Free BlackBerry Themes forum

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    Distribution of .thm, .cp, and .svg


    Just wanted to let those that have PM'd know and anyone that is interested. I do not distribute my theme, composer, or svg files. Please do not ask. I know some on here do distribute their work freely, but have come to the decision that I will not be doing this now or in the future.

    I will still distribute themes for free, just not the components. Thank you for your understanding.
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    I can totally understand and respect that.
    You do great things and don't want to be ripped off

    Just keep up the great work you do and I'll be happy!

    Thank you for all of the hard work you have done, and thanks for the work you will do.
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    how about not sharing the files and givin some pointers every so often.. wink wink hint... nah its cool i dont think u should honestly have to explain yourself.. its like an artist giving his unsigned painting to some1else to hold... that just dont happen... but u r sick wit ur themes.. thanx for givin me somethin to chase.. like figuring out anything that u r doing... which by the way have failed miserably.. hahahaha but ur awesome.. and btw when u and e makin that 1 last WOWWWW theme since yall aint really werkin togetha ne more... just curious
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