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Okay, I am fairly new to this site but so far have faound good info ... Free BlackBerry Themes forum

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    Question Can't DL themes to my BB! PLEASE HELP!


    Okay, I am fairly new to this site but so far have faound good info so I figured this would be the best place to ask this Q:

    How do I download a BB theme and get it on my BB?

    I have a Blackberry 8310 and OS 4.5, and when I download my file it comes up as a .JAD file when I save it. I an using BB desktop manager 4.5 to get the themes on my phone but it tells me additional apps designed for my phone are avalible. I know the files are supposed to be .axl files but how do I get them to save as that? Once I DL the file I dont have the option to unzip it but I do have winzip. I used to have the BB 8300 about a year ago, and I never had this problem. I would DL the file and it would automaticly d/l as a axl file. Oh also I dont know if this is important or not but I am using Windows Vista OS. If you can help me out I would appreciate it cause I have been doing this for hrs already and im about to smash my comp! I know its probably something simple im overlooking.

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    hello and welcome to posting!

    themes have two separate files for downloading. the alx/cod combination is for desktop download and most likely will be available in zip or rar format. the jad/cod combination is meant to be downloaded from you blackberry device using its internet connection. you will simply click the link and it will prompt for download.

    the error you are receiving is because DM requires that you have the device operating system installed on your pc in addition. it does not come on the disk that you receive when you purchase the device. you can download it from your carrier's website or try here for the latest and greatest.

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