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I keep getting a $9.99 charge on my phone every month and it says Blinko. ... Free BlackBerry Themes forum

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    Blinko...U dealt with them?


    I keep getting a $9.99 charge on my phone every month and it says Blinko. So I googled the website and found out it is a company over in the UK that does ringtones, wallpapers, etc for cell phones. Anyone ever dealt with them? I tried to go the FAQ section, "Coming Soon". Tried to email them and no response. Don't recall ever going and filling out any information or authorizing a monthly charge. Just want to know if anyone else has either had this happen, is a member of "Blinko" or has ever sucessfully contacted them.

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    Re: Blinko...U dealt with them?

    Might want to check your credit profile to make sure that someone hasn't pulled a ID theft on you.
    I speak from the experience...Sounds like someone either got ahold of your credit card and/or phone number or the Blinko people fat fingered a number and you are getting charged for someone else's download.
    You should be able to have the CC company put a freeze on the charge and that should get Blinkos attention real fast...
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    Re: Blinko...U dealt with them?

    Contact your phone company and see about disputing it.

    I have recieved a few emails or been directed to sites that offer free ringtones. But by going through the process you agree to thier monthly charges to whatever service it is they feel they offer. You might have gotten signed up this way. Normally it is all done via text message. You enter your cell # and carrier to thier website and they test you a passcode.

    Looks like that is what it is. I just found this website:

    In the tiny print at the bottom - To cancel your service, text "STOP" to 42222 at anytime
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