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Hi, I am very new to BB (bought the pearl yesterday). This is, I believe, ... Free BlackBerry Themes forum

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    Question BB Pearl 8100 themes issue



    I am very new to BB (bought the pearl yesterday). This is, I believe, an unlocked Vodafone version with firmware The software I downloaded onto my pc is 4.2 version. Now my question is multifold, and PLEASE if any of you can provide detailed step wise guide or point me to one I would be grateful!!!

    1. I have been trying to understand the blackberry.alx file update thingy to add O2 and other themes to my current collection. The problem is, when i delete the vendor file and add the jibi provided blackberry.alx file in the said folder, the phone when attached to the pc makes the software say 'there are updates available for the following software...' and lists almost all the applications of the pearl, but does not list any new themes. Am i following the right direction? can anyone please guide me?

    2. With all the hype over Vodafone, TIM and other company themes, can someone please paste pictures of each for me to decide whether it is worth going for any of them?

    3. I am very confused about the relation of the firmware version with the PC software version with the blackberry.alx version....HELP!!!

    4. Where can I find the latest firmware for my blackberry and update it (since I am subscribing to Warid Telecom in Pakistan, I dont have access i think to Vodafone etc downloads, or do I?)

    5. How do I configure GPRS (like other cell phones) on my blackberry?

    Any and All help would be hugely appreciated

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    Re: BB Pearl 8100 themes issue

    ~via BB (

    The *error* you are getting in regards to there are updates available is because the os that you installed on your pc is a newer version than what is on your device.

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    Re: BB Pearl 8100 themes issue

    So how do you update your device after you have updated the desktop manager?

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